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My photography - you'll find it all under the "MORE"
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This gallery contains my digitally altered images such as 3D and heavily manipulated photography.
to get there.


Please Note:

NONE of the images on this site may be reproduced, copied, sold or altered for any reason without written permission. Please use the mail form on the CONTACT page to write to me if you wish to use an image for any purpose. Thank you.

Thank you for visiting "The Creative Side of Me", aka Macanoodos. I do hope you will enjoy the images on this web site. Below is a small sampling of some of my work. You view more by clicking the links above.

I'm excited to tell you about this new dental gel!!

Livionex Dental Gel removes plaque up to 3X better than any traditional toothpaste. It contains no Abrasives, no Detergents and no antimicrobials. Livionex Dental Gel virtually eliminates this "hard to reach" plaque. As a result it provides dramatic reduction in inflammation and gum bleeding. 
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