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Max's parents went on vacation. 


Max writes letters to stay in touch with his mom & dad.

Spokane, WA

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    He jumps in my lap and sits,
    His warmth covers my legs,
    He's a dog, his name is Max,
    And if you have food, he begs!


    It's not that he's hungry,
    He's fed every single day,
    But he's a bitty diggity dog,
    And needs his food to play!


    He's full of energy and plays,
    Every single chance he gets!
    He loves to meet other people,
    But can't stand other people's pets!


    Max is as good as any dog,
    Certainly cuter than most,
    His coat is soft and shiny,
    He's the very best dog, almost!


    How can he be so, so good,
    Yet such a bad little doggie,
    He doesn't like any other animals,
    Be it a dog, cat, horse or froggie!


    He's as close to perfection,
    As any dog you might want,
    But don't take him near animals,
    If you do, offer him a croissant!


    For food is the only thing,
    You can give to get his attention,
    If walking him, you see another dog,
    It's best you don't give it a mention!


    Max loves all kinds of food,
    but not the other creatures,
    And he'll clean your floor for you,
    It's one of his best features!


    So if you see Max out and about,
    And you feel in the mood,
    Hide your pet, say hello,
    And offer Max some food!

    Good Boy! 

    ~ViVi 4.13.18

    April 11, 2018


    Hi Mom,

    It's me, Max. I just wanted to say hello and to let you know I miss you and Dad. But I'm doing okay so you don't have to worry about me - you guys just have fun, okay? We've all been through a lot in the last couple of weeks and I'm just gonna hang around here and rest and go for walks and do dog stuff. I'm tired but the nicer weather is coming - I feel it in my dog bones. I'm excited for the summer so I want to rest up and be ready for all our summer fun activities I know we'll be doing soon! Woof!


    Last night was my first night at ViVi's. (I can't make the human K sound so I say it the best way I can.) Her and her mamma seemed to be all worried about me or they really like me or something. They kept talking to me, petting me and playing with me. It was fun. But around &pm, I got pooped. And I mean pooped! ViVi put my doggy bed in her lap so I could lay there and still be comfy. I tried to stay awake but I could feel the warmth from ViVi's legs under the bed and it warmed me up and that was it - lights out for me! haha


    I did eat last night Mom! I ate a lot actually! And ViVi gave me a few treats. I hope I don't gain weight. Summer is coming and I wanna look good for the lady doggies. Even if I bark at them, I still wanna look good doin' it, you know Mom? I'll try to watch my calories and stuffs.


    Okay - I'll get going now. Time for a walk! Woof! Tell Dad I said hello and that I love and miss him and you too!!! But don't worry a bit. I'm in good paws!

    --Max the Diggity Dog

    April 11, 2018


    Hi son, 

    we got your email and we are so very glad you are missing us but having a grand time with Vi Vi.  She's a special lady so you be extra good for her.  Remind her that you like your belly rubbed and you especially become mush when behind your ears are scratched.  I'm glad you are getting plenty of exercise.  It's a good reminder for mom to get lots of walking in herself.  Dad took a walk this afternoon and came back missing his buddy.  So know that you are thought of.  Your dad had Southern fried catfish for dinner with hush puppies.  Don't worry, he didn't really eat puppies, that is just what they call the little fried balls and there is no puppy meat inside them. 

    Max, we had a very good flight, and timing was perfect on every step. Atlanta airport is huge, a lot bigger then Seattle airport. We are glad this day is over.  We'll sleep well tonight. It's just about our bedtime.  

    We know you have lots of TLC with the two ladies there.  Keep an eye on them.  Please give them lot's of lovin and rub your nose on their nose every once and awhile.  They will like that.

    Tomorrow will be a long day of sight seeing. We'll take some pictures though.

    Love you sweetie,

    The two J's

    April 12, 2018


    Hi mom!

    Today is day 2 without you and dad. I'm doing just fine mamma! I miss you guys like crazy but I'm enjoying my stay with ViVi and her mamma so far. I peed this morning but didn't poop. I wanted to but then the man across the street came out with his dog and I suddenly forgot all about pooping! haha I'm going on a walk in a few minutes so I'll go then. I sure wish that man had waited for me to do my bizness!! Uggg.  My leg gets tired still but I think it will be stronger by the time you get home. I limp when I'm tired and when going up and down the stairs. But other than that, I'm gettin' stronger every day! 


    Dad went on a walk without me???? I thought he only goes with me! You mean he does this sometimes - even when you're home? Hmmm. I'll have to think about that for a bit. I guess I thought I was the center of the world for you both. I guess I didn't realize that you guys do things that don't involve me all the time. Not sure how I feel about that but  I guess it's okay...


    I am so very glad that dad's Hush Puppies aren't made from real puppies!!! Wait, does that mean that Girl Scout cookies aren't made from real Girl Scouts either? Man, that's so disappointing to find out! Also, I'm glad you and dad didn't get lost at the airport. I have no idea how you humans navigate without the noses we dogs have, but you seem to get around okay without it. I hope you guys have fun looking around! Bring me back a a t-shirt or something. Do they make tee-shirts for dogs left behind? (lil guilt trip there. hoping it helps get me somethin' good lol)


    Vivi noticed that I am too short to see out the windows so she put an ottoman foot thingy in front of two windows so I cans jump up and sit and look out. Pretty cool actually. Yesterday, Vivi opened a window so I could see AND bark! It was so much fun to see the other dogs looking around for my bark but they just seemed to be confused! So. Much. FUN!!! I spent last night in my bed, on top of the otto foot thingy and just relaxed, napped and looked out. It was awesome mamma!!!!


    Well, I'll go now - time for a walk! 
    With all my dog lovin' heart, Max 
    xxooWoof! ♥

    April 12, 2018


    Hi Max, 

    Life with out you is just not the same.  I see little doggies all over the place and it makes me think of you.  I put a picture on here of three little cuties.  They don't hold a candle to you though.  So no jealousy Max and you don't need to protect us, daddy does that when you are at ViVi's house.  We are doing a LOT of walking especially today.  I'm thinking it might have been a bit too much, so I'm glad to hear you are taking ViVi for a walk.  You be sure you have a leash on her.  Wouldn't want anything to happen to her.  

    I'm glad you have your perch for you to sit and see the world go by.  Be sure to tell everyone hi for us.  We didn't sleep very well last night and I think it's because of the 3 hour time change, but with the walking today, I think we'll both sleep well.  

    We'll keep our eye open for a store just for you Max to see if there is something special from the neck of the woods for you.  No promises, but we'll just try.

    I want to really tell you how much we appreciate your notes to us.  You are going to get us spoiled and we'll be anticipating one everyday, so feel free to take some time off if you want.  Your paws must get a little tired typing away on the keyboard as you do.  oh, and I'm also very impressed at your spelling Maxy. You are doing very well.

    It's 8:30 here now and you know we start getting ready for bed soon.

    We love you and miss you, but very glad you are in good hands with ViVi.

    Hugs to all,

    Mama & Papa

    April 13, 2018


    Hi mom and dad!!!

    How's things goin'? I hope you're having lots of fun! I saw your picture of the other doggies and all I can say is, "Woof!" Those are some good lookin' canines, huh? I especially love the one on the right! Woohoo! (Gosh, I hope that ain't a boy lol) 


    Yesterday was an adventure to be sure. I went on several walks so that was cool. I barked at a squirrel. That was fun too. Then ViVi was in the kitchen cooking and she dropped some chicken crumbs and I got 'em all before she could stop me. Pure white meat and all! Oh my gosh it was tasty. It wasn't much but I stayed on point the rest of the time in case anything else dropped, but nothing did. ViVi asked me if I wanted a new nickname. What's a Roomba mom?


    Some not so good news: I had a seezure last night. It was a small one and didn't last very long. I was sittin' on ViVi's lap relaxin' and all of a sudden I hunched up weird and started shakin' all over. ViVi picked me up a lil' and I was stiff like a stuffed animal. ViVi put her mouth on my neck and started blowing hot air. The heat felt good mamma. She kept doing it all over my neck and back of my head. And she whispered to me I was gonna be just fine, to hang in there. After 5 minutes, the heat seemed to help my shakes. I calmed down. The whole thing lasted around 5 or 6 minutes. It wasn't too bad mom, really. I was fine in 10 and back to ma old self!!


    I miss you and dad but I'm doing good. No worries about me, just have fun! I wuv you both very much. Don't be surprised when I jump ALL over you when you come home though! Woof!


    Okay. Gotta go for a walk. I gotta go make peepee marks all over the place. You know, to let the other doggies know I'm da BOSS. Maybe I'll poop too, we'll see. K, bye! --Max (aka, Maximilian, Diggity Dog, and Zoomba)


    ps: I tried the leash thingy on ViVi but I'm not tall enough to get it around her neck. I tried mamma.

    April 13, 2018

    Hi Max and ViVi,


    It's been a long day, so I'll respond quickly by saying we are so sorry to hear that you had a seizure.  It's been since Mazatlan that you've had one.  I was hoping for the best that you weren't having those anymore. I'm so glad to hear that you didn't take too long to snap out of it.  I don't know what you are thinking when you are having those, but I would imagine a bit scared.  I love you Maxie and again glad you are okay now.


    We are both tired tonight.  We are going to bed now. It's almost 10pm.  Tomorrow we see Kenny. You remember Kenny?  He was the other male in the house you first lived in for about 9 years.  I will show him your recent pictures. 


    So sorry I'm not writing more tonight, but we'll catch up as soon as we can.  By the way, I kinda like your temporary new name.  Rumba!  Cute,


    Nighty night and hugs to all!

    Mom & Dad

    April 14, 2018


    Hi mom and dad!


    It was nice to hear from you again! I hope you slept well. I sure did! I slept hard last night! It was awesome! 


    Kenny, Kenny, Kenny!! Oh boy!  Kenny! Of course I remember Kenny! He's fun. I loves hims! 


    Yesterday was boring. It rained. ViVi tried to make me walk in the early evening but it was raining ma! I didn't want to walk. It was cold. So I peed in da yard and after, I sat, and wouldn't budge. ViVi was confused. But she didn't MAKE me walk. Then she took off my leash and left me with her mamma and went and checked our mail. haha - I trained her good mom! I taught her to fetch and I didn't have to do nuthin'! I didn't even have ta give her a treat for it! hahaha


    Bad news: I tore up my newspaper toy. I wasn't a bad boy mom, I swear! ViVi thought she'd give me some fun. She pushed a tiny treat in the middle of my paper. I could smell it and it drove me crazy! I spent around 20 minutes tryin' to get the treat. I finally did! So ViVi did it again with TWO treats. Only this time she pushed them really far in the newspaper. Oh. What FUN!!! I spent about 40 minutes trying to get those dang treats. They wouldn't come out. So I had to KILL the paper to get to at least one. And I mean KILL. Ma - I killed it. You should have seen it! You would have been sooo proud! ViVi didn't seem so proud though mamma. She seemed confused. I don't think she knew what a bad a** I can be when treats are involved! I got one of them but the other was stuck tight. ViVi had to throw away ma paper mom! But she kissed me last night and said it was okay and that she's getting me another one today. She said something like, "Well, that's wasn't such a great idea." I think she's wrong mom. It was a GREAT idea! I had so much fun with it. But I don't think she'll do that for me again. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted! Woof!


    Nothin' much else to report. ViVi and her ma are fine. It's raining. It's always cloudy. I hope the weather is better where you are! If it is, cans you bring me back some, pretty please?? Okay, going to poop now. I think. I'm never really sure until it's there.


    Alls my woofs and loves to you and dad, Maximilian the Great xxoo

    April 15, 2018


    Happy Sunday Maxi,

    What a surprise, it's raining in Spokane.  We've had great weather and we were hoping that you would have a woof with the weather man and tell them that it must be sunny when we get home.  I'm guessing you are still sleeping when I write this note to you this  morning.  You may not understand this, but if it is almost 5 in the morning in Spokane, it is almost 8 in the morning here.


    I'll send you a couple pictures of Kenny so you can see what he looks like now.  We went to look at some very big Navy ships yesterday. We also got to tour a submarine. Dad and me both bonked our heads as we passed through one compartment to the next.  They aren't made for tall people. 


    Today we will spend another day sightseeing in this city.  It's quite historical.  oh, are you eating okay? Not going on a hunger strike?  I'm asking because of how agressivly you are trying for the treat that you messed up your newspaper toy. Remember Max, patience is a virtue.  


    I think today will visit Ft. Sumtner.  Pretty cool place from what I hear. Well boy, give ViVi and her mama a hug from us.  We will be home in 10 days.

    Continue being a love!

    April 15, 2018


    Sup Mom?


    I just hanging today, waitin' to go for a walk. Leaving soon but I wanted to say hi to you and pops. Nothing much new except...I got my new newspaper yesterday!! I had to wait fur what seemed like an eternity for her to go get it and bring it back but it was worth the wait! I went CRAZY when I got it!! Sooo happy to have it again. Gawd how I love that paper! ViVi told her mamma that the store only had two left so she bought both of them...just in case. So I has a backup one now. I tried to get it but ViVi said no, it's fur later. We'll just see 'bout that, won't we? ;-)


    I was crazy for my walks yesterday. I was chock FULL of energy and pulled and pulled on that danged leash. I had things to see, smell and taste and ViVi just wasn't walkin' fast enough for me! hahaha Great fun mom! I felt like I coulda walked furever!!! ViVi said I was full of pess and vinnager. What's that mean? ;-)


    It sounds like you are havin' fun! You and dad hit your heads in that subbermerine thingy? That musta hurts lots! I'll give you both lots of kisses when I see you guys. I kiss your booboos away mom!


    Me not eat??? Are ya kiddin' me? I is a pig that just happens to LOOK like a doggie hahaha  No ma, I'm eating real good. ViVi cans tell cuz I pooped a LOT yesterday! What's a virtue mom?


    Oooohhh! ViVi made me a web page of ma very own! You can go and see all my pictures mom! You can go here:

    You can see my photos, play some music while you view my pics (you can play "Ain't He Sweet" by hitting the play button to the right of the pics), and if you gets to da bottom, click the "Show More Photographs" and a few more will show for you! I'm FAMOUS ma!


    Okay, gotta go now. Goin' fur a walk now!! WooHoo! Can't wait to see you guys soon, but don't worry bout lil ole me. I is doing GREAT!


    All my woofs to you and pops,

    Maximilian the Great

    April 16, 2018


    Hi again Max,

    It's been a very long day for us. We're just not as young as you are Max.  But we are back at our Hotel room now kicking back and relaxing.  You'll be glad to know after a lot of looking, we found the perfect thing to bring home for you.  Keep it a secret from ViVi though cause we found something for her too. Shh!


    I love your web page Max, ViVi has to be the best doing that for you.  I love your pictures, you are very photogenic.  And the photos of you both are adorable.  If you want to know what I think, I will tell you.  Papa and I are really enjoying these letters you write us and everyone we are laughing and big smiles.  How would you like a letter's from Max page.  I bet people would like to read them.  I think it would be a huge hit.  Just my opinion.


    Yes, about patience is a virtue.  A virtue is a positive trait of a doggy and a good thing to have.  So, it means you wait for good things and no one would even know you are interested, okay?


    Today we ate very good. Kenny took us to two great restaurants. I had chicken and waffles for breakfast. It's very popular here.  And then the best ever bbq ribs for dinner.  So, what do you think about that. Mama ate a chicken and pig today.  Mmm, really good.  Don't worry son, I don't eat dogs. You're safe.


    Enjoy your last walk of the day before you go to bed.  Mama loves you!

    April 16, 2018


    Hi Mom!


    How's things goin' fur you and dad? GRRReat! I hope! Things here are the same. The sun peeked out a lil' this afternoon and me and ViVi went to da park. ViVi let me sniff and sniff and sniff! So Much Fun! I sniffed everything! I wish I could tell you all about it but humans can't understand a dog's way of smelling the world. I wish so much that I could share it with you. Since I can't, you'll just have to trust me when I say I "see" things when I smell things. It's pretty cool really.


    So ViVi's great idea of putting those treats in my paper has backfired hugely. I learned that I can tear it up and decided to show ViVi how good I am by putting a finger sized hole in my brand new paper. She took it away. Bummer. It just feels so good to tear into it ma! But now I have no more paper. ViVi told her mamma that she's gonna take ma other new one and trade it in tomorrow for one I can't chew up. She said it has to have a squeeker in it. I'm glad she said that. The squeeker is ma favorite part! 


    ViVi liked your idea for putting our letters on the web site. They all all here:

    Just look for the "Letters from Max" link at the right of the photos. She'll add the letters daily fur ya. She's a PIP! haha


    Well, I'm gonna go hang out in ma bed at the window. Lots of peeple coming home from work. Lots of cars to get excited about! I'm gonna get a treat too. ViVi said so! I wuv you and pops and hope you are having lots of fun! Woof! 

    --Your Favorite son, Maximilian 

    April 17, 2018

    Hi Max,

    I sure love hearing about you and your adventures.  It is a fascinating world out there isn't it son?  I've heard that it is good to let doggies do a lot of sniffing around as that is your way to socialize.  Is that correct?  I also read that we are not to pull you away when you do your sniffing because of all the socializing you are doing.  So son, if ViVi has time, sniff away.

    Maxi, now you are a little stinker.  Here ViVi goes and buys you a new newspaper squeaky and you tear it up again.  Tell her you have more squeaky toys at your other house and those will do just fine also.  As long as they squeak you seem to like them. I'm so glad you are getting and giving a lot of play time, but remember, ViVi is taking her classes and she needs some time out for that.  So, remember, naps are good.

    I put "Letters from Max" on my FB page for people to go and read our correspondence. People are loving it.  I even asked ViVi to be one of my FB friends so she could see how popular your letters are also.

    We've been in Savannah since yesterday.  Savannah is in Georgia. They are famous for pecans here and peaches.  We've had a few peach drinks/desserts but nothing pecan yet.  We will though.  Trying everything local food and drink wise. They have lot's of big houses here.  Today we are going to do more walking (pa especially misses his walk with you) as yesterday we took a trolley all around town to see what's there.  Now we'll walk it.  I didn't take a lot of pictures yesterday. Hope to take more today.  

    I miss your snuggles Maxi, but I'm glad you have two weeks to shower your affections on ViVi and her mama.  Thank you for being an "almost" good boy.  You make us very proud.

    I have to go take a shower now, and get ready for my day.  I hope you get some sunshine today and blue skies.

    Love and more love,

    Mama and papa

    April 17, 2018

    Hey Ma!


    Thanks for your letter! Woof! I love how you been telling me all about the things you and pops are doing while away. I always wonder what you are doing when you are gone. Now I know! 


    I don't know if  sniffing around is a way to socialize, but I love sniffing fur sure! What is socialize anyway? If it means other animals, I have to say I don't like 'em, but I love to smell what they all been up to! I know you and ViVi wish I wouldn't go after the other animals like I do, but you do know I'm not doin' it to be a pain, rite? I'm doin' it to pertect you and pops...and ViVi when I'm with her. Ya gotta understand ma. Those other animals might get you. One got me recently, right? I can't let that happen to any of my pets. I love you all too much. So I'm a gonna keep on pertecting you all. I wuv you.


    I know I shouldn'ta killed my paper and now I'm missing it. Every time ViVi starts playin' with me, I start running all over to try to find my paper cuz ViVi's great to play with. I look all over but then I remember it's gone. Dang it all ma. I wish ViVi hadn't taught me to tear up my toy ;-( Oh well. It was awesome while it lasted! Woof!


    Pecans and peaches. What funny words. I don't think those are things I'd like to eat, but I do love those words! I been sayin' them in ma head and they make me chuckle a lil bit! I love ma treats so much that I wish ViVi would mistake them for my food and fill ma bowl up with 'em! Wouldn't that be awesome!? Ma tummy would prolly have fits but ma taste buds would be ever sooo happpyyyy!!! ViVi brings 'em on our walks now and when I see an animal and start to go crazy, ViVi says, "Max, want a treat?" Sometimes she has to say it a couple times to get me to look at her but when I do, I get one! And it keeps me from lookin' at the other animal. I like it ma! I bet ma treats are better than pecans and peaches! I'll share ma treats with you when you are home. But you can only have one or two and only when you are a good girl! haha


    Tell pops that when he gets back we'll go fur long walks together - I miss it! Ma leg is gettin' stronger every day. I hardly ever limp anymore. Ma leg gets stiff sometimes when I been takin' a nap and I limp a tad until I get all the kinks worked out, but I'm fur sure on the mend! Woof! And ma - thank you fur savin' ma life that day. You held on to me tightly and kept that big, dumb dog from killin' me! You risked yur own safety just to save me. I love you fur that ma! Muah!


    I'm famous ma! I love it. I have ma own web page - two actually - AND I'm on Facebook too? Woof! Don't know what Facebook is but it sounds like a good thing! ViVi had to write a poem for her Children's Literature class. Guess who she wrote it about? Why yes, lil' ole me! It's on my Letters from Max page. Go read it ma! It's describes me purty good! Woof!


    Today is windy, cloudy and buuuurrrr cold! I hope we walk soon! ViVi doesn't like da cold, but she'll bundle up just so we can walk. Hope we go to da park today!!!! I gots things to sniff and animals to bark at! I'm a busy dude ma! haha


    I wuv you and dad. Tell him I said "Woof!"  Have fun and remember I am the Diggityest Doggie da World Has Ever Known! 

    All my doogie lovin to you both, Maximilian the Great!

    April 18, 2018


    Hi Son,


    I've been thinking about you today and just wanted to tell you I miss you.  We are 1/2 way through our trip.  In some respects, it going by so quickly.  We are seeing so much, and experiencing so much in history.  Especially "bloody Sunday" that happened in Selma on the bridge.  Ask Vivi to show you todays pictures that I posted on FB.  You'll see pa walking up to the bridge.  This made him very sad.  There is so much hatred in this world, and it's based on fear for the most part.  I'm so glad Max that in our home, we give each other lots of love and that we are not angry people.  So, keep that in mind when you bark at the other canines, felines, and other critters.  It's only fear that gets you riled up.  I say that with love son.


    I love this picture of you that you sent last night.  Very sweet.  I can tell you are having an amazing time with Vivi and her mama.  I'm happy that you can make there life happy there.  You spread joy where ever you go. 


    Remember, it's later here then there, and I'm going to start unwinding and settle down before heading to bed.  

    Hugs, kisses and nose rubs,

    Ma and Pa

    April 19, 2018


    Mom! Mom! Hi! Hello!!!!!


    haha - I got excited a little there to say hello, huh? Your trip is already half way over? Does time fly by as fast fur humans as it does fur us doggies? It usually goes by fast fur me too. A nap here, a sniff there, a pee/poo here, a nibble on ma toy there and boom! Day over. That fast. 


    Pops had the sadzees? I don't want pops to be sad. You tell him come home and I lickee his face all over and he be better in no time. People can be so strange ma. But I'm ever so thankful that my own family is loving and kind and has a fenced back yard.


    ViVi went to Facebook and tapped on the monitor but I couldn't smell anything so I'm not sure what she was trying to show me. Sometimes if I can't smell it, it doesn't mean much to me, you know? But I tried to see ma, I really did.


    ViVi went and traded in my last new paper fur a new toy. It squeeks. Not as in love with it as I was my paper, but it feels good to have something to run and find when I am playing with ViVi!! I carried it all over the house yesterday when ViVi brought it to me. I wouldn't let it out of my sight! 


    The sun is out today mom! First days in a long time! ViVi said we're going on an extra long walk today and I can't wait! We might even work in da yard a little too! I love the warmer weather mom, don't you? I mean, I no like it when the streets get too hot in da summer, but I do love the sun and grass and all the wonderful smells of summer!!!! It's coming, I feels it in ma dog bones! Can't wait, can't wait...CAN"T WAIT!! WooF!!!


    I hope you and dad have fun today and that you have sunshine too. I wuv you both with all my doggie might and can't wait to see you both! 


    All my doggie lovin' heart, Max ♥

    April 20, 2018


    Hi Son,


    I've been thinking about you today and just wanted to tell you I miss you.  We are 1/2 way through our trip.  In some respects, it going by so quickly.  We are seeing so much, and experiencing so much in history.  Especially "bloody Sunday" that happened in Selma on the bridge.  Ask Vivi to show you todays pictures that I posted on FB.  You'll see pa walking up to the bridge.  This made him very sad.  There is so much hatred in this world, and it's based on fear for the most part.  I'm so glad Max that in our home, we give each other lots of love and that we are not angry people.  So, keep that in mind when you bark at the other canines, felines, and other critters.  It's only fear that gets you riled up.  I say that with love son.


    I love this picture of you that you sent last night.  Very sweet.  I can tell you are having an amazing time with Vivi and her mama.  I'm happy that you can make there life happy there.  You spread joy where ever you go. 


    Remember, it's later here then there, and I'm going to start unwinding and settle down before heading to bed.  

    Hugs, kisses and nose rubs,

    Ma and Pa

    April 21, 2018


    Hi Maxi,


    We haven't forgotten about you really.  We have been on the go so much!  We are leaving in a few minutes once again for another day of touring around Natchez.  Our friends came from Texas and joined us yesterday and will be here through tomorrow.  So nice to see Ron and Jene.  You met Jene last September, remember?


    I hear it's been getting warmer Max.  I bet you are loving the walks now.  I hope you can show Vivi some of your favorite sniffing places.  Great smells everyday.  


    We need to get going now to meet our friends, but I just wanted you to know Dad and I are thinking of you.  Continue to be the loving pooch you are.  You mean the world to us.



    J & J

    April 22, 2018


    Hi mamma!


    Woof! I hope you and dad are havin the time of your lives! I miss you muches but I also wuv you and want you and pops to enjoy yourselves and it sounds like you are! Woof!


    You are right. The weather here is getting better and better everyday. It will be warmer by the time you get home - maybe even in the high 60's or low 70's! Woof! I knows I am sure enjoyin it! Walks are longer the warmer it gets. WooHoo! And it also means the other doggies are out and about and it gives me more to sniff! I drag ViVi to the park now cuz I know it's MY time to sniff and lead ViVi where ever my little ole heart desires. So much fun ma! ViVi's been working with me and my irritation with the other dogs I see on walks. She offers me treats for paying attention to her instead of the other doggies and it seems to be working. She never says "Good Boy" or anything while doing this cuz I'm not getting it for being good, I'm getting it as a distraction. Yesterday I saw three dogs and I kind of woofed, but it was more of a gruff. ViVi asked me each time if I wanted a treat and I responded by sitting and waiting for that delicious goodness in all it's glory. Of course after I got my treat, I just had to get in the last word to the other dog with a subdued "Woof" and then I was on my way. ViVi doesn't know it, but that last "Woof" was me tellin' the other dogs, "Haha, I got a treat and you didn't!" We'll see how ma walks and treat distraction goes today...


    I has some bad news mamma. It was windy yesterday. VERY windy. Our porch got all messed up. All our chairs were blown over, the rug was all blown around and...your bird bath  fell over. Sadzees :-(  The froggie and the plate under it broke. The edge of the bird bath broke. So ViVi stacked the chairs, rolled up the front rug and put it all in the corner to protect them. So that's why your porch is the way it is. Sorry mamma - that danged wind!!!!!


    Also, I had a seizure last night. It wasn't like the last time where I shaked all over. This one was like the one I had last year when ViVi babysat me. It was a quiet one where I just lay there like a stuffed animal. ViVi held me in her arms and kept me warm until it passed. It was longer this time. All together from start to finish was about 25 minutes. Then I was back to ma old self again! It's so weird when it happens, you know? But I'm okay now and it's over and life is good again mamma! Muah!


    My hair is growin back good except my leg is still skinny on hair, but it'll grow. And I still has some dark coloring around my war wound, but the bruising will go away. All in all, I think you'll be pleased wif my recovery so far. I haven't limped in days now ma! :-D Woof! Gettin' stonger everyday!! 


    Can't believe you'll be home in just THREE days!!!!! Wof, woof WOOF!!! Can't wait to see you and dad!! ♥ You know I'm a gonna squeal, yelp and JUMP ALL OVER YOU!!! Be prepared you guys! Woof!


    I wuv you both and miss you muches too! Can't wait for a walk with pops! 

    All my lovin with a woof,

    Max the Grrrrrrreat!

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